My name is Dylan Pierce.  I live with my dog, Theia, in the middle of a ghost town in the backwoods of Pennsylvania.  I’ve spent the majority my life working with the beautiful plants of these Appalachian Mountains. Most of my free time, I can be found in my garden tending to my own green children, out exploring nature, or laying around reading and writing with my furbaby.

In learning to work with native plants, now forgotten as “weeds,” the landscape that one immerses themself in becomes a rich trove of foods, medicines, and fascinating lore. Animated by the spirits of the plants and place itself, it transcends being a mere location – plants take on whole new personalities.  With open eyes, plants which have been demonized as poisons reveal their own secrets to those who listen with open mind, fearless heart, and a bit of respect.

By working with and getting to know these forgotten friends, I hope to help reunite others with these green companions as well.  Too many feel they cannot grow things because they have not been taught.  Too many fear the thorns and poisons of plants who are willing to defend themselves and their domain.  Too many view the green ones as lifeless ingredients, nothing more, with no understanding or partnership in the work.  In a world so detached from the wild, I share my creations, passions, and those experiences I may, so that others may find ways to their own bridge. Back through the twisted paths, to the inner hearts of their own wild forests, where the green ones speak the loudest.

Come. Grab some seeds or a walking stick. Let go of any preconceptions you may have of having a “Black Thumb”, dare to dream of green, and join me (and our lovely mascot, Theia).

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I am an Appalachian Witch