A Peek at the Plants

Well, the weather hasn’t been as allowing as it was last year in regards to letting my baneful plant allies flourish. I’ve limited what I’m growing quite a bit compared to last year’s impractically excessive gardens lol.

That said, my Mandrakes are doing quite well, especially my Black Mandrakes.


I also finally managed to get two White Mandrakes going this year. I’ve two more roots fairly dormant at the moment which I’m hoping will soon take off as well. And fresh seeds arriving sometime next month when the new harvest comes in! I really want to get my White Drake’s going better! Their leaves are giant compared to Black Mandrake leaves!


I had a hard time getting Belladonna to grow for me this year, but after finally ordering a new pack of seeds, I found a plant outside that returned where I planted it last year as well as several seedlings for it coming up in a pot that I had given up on. I never did plant the new pack of seeds, I may give them away.


My Wormwood is doing great this year.


I found a Moonflower Datura coming up in one of my flower beds from last year as well, and quickly potted it before the birds could further disturb it.


And my Attar of Roses Geranium I ordered is starting to fill out nicely as well.


And of course, I have Mugwort and Black Henbane growing, as well as Lily of the Valley, Rue, Lemon Balm, Lavendar and a couple others.

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