Enki, Sumerian Lord of the Earth

Enki, or the “Lord of the Earth, is also known as Ea and is the Sumerian god of magic, wisdom, creation, mischief, and certain types of water. He is the perfect image of masculine virility and there is a lot of focus on metaphors regarding the creative powers of his semen as well as the waters of creation from the Abzu, the subterranean waters where the god dwells.

Those familiar with Noah’s flood have heard a twisted version of Enki’s story. In the older Sumerian beliefs, which predate Christianity, it was the benevolent Enki that both created humans and kept them safe. Enlil, his wrathful brother and the Lord of Air who’s cult later inspired the creation of Christianity, was not so nice to humans on the other hand. Enlil didn’t care for mankind and planned to kill all humans with a giant flood, but Enki came in against the wishes of the other gods and gave Utnapishtim (Noah) the instructions to make a huge Ark to save mankind. Enki was always there to protect mankind from Enlil’s evil deeds.

In addition to being the god of magic, wisdom, and mischief, Enki is often shown wearing a horned crown. He sometimes holds a curved scepter with a ram’s head on it. Goats, fish, and turtles are sacred to him. He is identified with the planetary influence of Mercury and was frequently used in exorcisms and considered to be the ultimate source of ritual knowledge. He also kept the “gifts of civilization”.


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